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What does stopping advertising mean for your business?

What does stopping advertising mean for your business?

For an online business, this is primarily a sales stop. For offline business – outflow of new customers.

In a crisis, it will give you a short-term benefit. But when things normalize, you’ll spend a lot more to close the gap. If advertising costs seem too high for you, select advertising channels based on current goals and objectives, or leave the most effective customer acquisition channel. It is best to let specialists do it. Agencies use various analytics systems to quickly assess the effectiveness of each advertising tool and, if necessary, quickly adjust the promotion strategy.

Remember that your competitors are in the same situation as you. The first thing they will think about during a crisis is to cut advertising costs. And this will help turn the situation in your favor. The market will become less saturated, which means that your advertising will be more visible and sometimes cheaper. And when the crisis is over, consumers are more likely to remember your brand than those who chose to stay in the shadows.